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28 September 2007 @ 05:33 pm
All work and no play makes the CLEO girls a dull bunch  
The past week has been a mad, manic rush. All coz we're hard at work getting next month's issue ready for you! :) Lucky for me, the girls are a supportive bunch. Working long hours while chomping down instant noodles has never been more enjoyable.

I spoke to my girlfriends the other day and they were lamenting about the long hours we're all putting in. Could we be heading towards a workaholic, money-driven society?? *bawls*

Over here in the CLEO office, we believe in releasing all our inner work angst once we close the magazine. So it's not unusual to hear many discussions about where we should go shopping after work and what we should do this weekend. Some of the promising ideas include, hitting the shops in town for some late-night shopping, catching up on the latest movies (the last show I caught was Hairspray!!), and parrrr-taaaay after! This weekend sounds exciting already! Nothing like a good boogie to lift the spirits.

If you're feeling the work angst building up, come join us next Thursday for a pre-weekend party at our Fashion Awards held at The Cannery!

Alright, time to get out of the office... or so I hope!